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Marco Julius - 42

I looked into The Mirror and thought about how tough it is for me to lose weight with my busy schedule. I was Hesitant at first to ask for help but once I asked Sal ( the Gymanator), it all Changed. Not only did Sal make me lose weight, he did it with a customized program suited for my goals. Sal Restored my Self Belief, confidence, and motivated me to start eating healthy. In the Past 6 Weeks that I have been training with Sal 5 times a week, I lost 10 KG!... YES 10 KGs and I'm on my way to losing 20 KGs and reaching my goal in a 12 week period. With Sal as my coach, it's no longer a goal but rather a lifestyle. 

Julie Lewis - 45

I  have spent years working up the courage to ask for the help of a personal trainer. My back has been problematic for years and after a summer of walking every day I was in a lot of pain. Even standing was uncomfortable - a problem as a teacher that i would face constantly as I'm on my feet all day. 

Anyway, this is where Sal Comes in. I check out the body by design Qatar personal training website and set up a free consultation. I was immediately impressed by his obvious  level of knowledge and  his 10 years of experience. His ability to understand my needs was clear. Not just an exercise expert, but a library of useful and amazing and easy to follow nutritional information. 

I have gone from eating very little and vein g hungry all the time and still not reaching my target; to having fun, feeling satisfied, and eating more than I ever have! My goal was to ease my back pain, tone up and look my best for my wedding and I've done just that in the limited time that I had. I have learned to exercise effectively and safely and how to eat well. I learn to love my body and to treat it well. 

Thank you Sal

Saad - 27 (spinal injury)

بعد اصابتي منذ ٣ سنوات باصابه بالعمود الفقري و ازياد وزني بسبب قلة حركتي كانت لدي مشكله من ناحية تنظيم نظام غذائي و التمارين المناسبه لوضعي الصحي و بعد البحث وجدت ان المدرب علي خبره كافيه و درايه بوضعي الصحي و التمارين المناسبه لي و تنظيم جدول غذائي مناسب و متابعة النظام و الان اشعر بتحسن كبير من نواحي عديده ، نزول الوزن ، تحسن وضعي الصحي و لياقتي البدنيه اود ان اشكر المدرب لتغير نمط حياتي

3 years ago, I had a car accident and suffered a severe spinal injury. Since then, I've been in and out of hospitals and worked with many therapists but my weight Dramatically kept on increasing because of the my limited mobility. I looked long and hard to find a qualified professional/ personal trainer in Doha to help me but I was not successful . I was very disappointed at times, after meeting many famous trainers in Doha, because they unfortunately did not have the skills, training, and proper education to help me.  I finally met with Sal and was very excited to have found someone who could get me results while catering to my injuries. He prescribe an exercise program that is suitable for weight loss and could help rehab my spine. I can tell you that I now feel completely different and for once, I have hope. I feel better in many ways now that I'm losing  weight and my   rehabilitation is getting  noticeably better. I'm now keeping up the diet program the weight keeps coming off. I would like to thank Coach Sal for  motivating me and helping  change my lifestyle.

Lina Azmi - 35

I have had body image issues since I was a teenager and have always resorted to dieting to lose weight. However, my weight yo-yos and I often gain even much more when I go through each rebound. Now that I am in my 30s, it just got impossible to keep the weight off! Personally, I did not consider exercising, mainly because I do not know what to do (read: lazy) and I thought it would be rather embarrassing to be seen desperately trying to catch my breath while working out.

Apart from the aches and pains due to my obesity, I was also horrified to look at my wedding pictures; it was only then that I realized that I really needed to do something about my weight. So there I was on the diet bandwagon once again, eating tiny unsatisfying meals and starving myself most of the time. This went on for a while but I knew that it was just a matter of time till I will ‘let go’ and put all the weight back on. Then, finally, I came to my senses and thought I should give exercising a chance, and I happen to come across and ad by Body By Design Qatar.

Although I was apprehensive, I decided to contact Sal regarding the weight issues. We had a thorough discussion about my expectations, weaknesses and how I could achieve being fit, yes F-I-T.. fit! I was so preoccupied about losing weight, I never thought about being healthy.

Having years of experience, Sal managed to formulate a realistic training program\ for me. His guidance and patience not only motivated me to workout but also educated me about the different types of food that could assist me to achieve my goals. He was able to see the potential in me and pushed me out of my comfort zone at times but this allowed me to do much more than I thought I could. Apart from that, he also shared tips on how to exercise effectively. Needless to say, training with Sal has been great and delivered great results for me. Now I no longer feel sluggish, I feel liberated and I wake up each day with a higher level of energy and self-confidence. I now recognize that losing weight is not the main focus but it is all about keeping healthy!

Sal is a great coach and he helped me to lose 13 Kg in the last 3 months. 
Thank you Sal! 

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