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Why Invest in your Employees?

        Workplace culture sets the tone for its employees and a supportive work environment can keep employees motivated and engaged. Encouraging fitness demonstrates a concern for your employee's well-being, and always pays off! Employees do notice when an employer shows concern for the health and well-being of their employees. Unhealthy lifestyle choices often lead to chronic diseases, costing businesses more than one trillion dollars annually in lost productivity alone. What all of this means is that promoting healthier behaviours can really benefit the staff within your organization. Business who invest in workplace wellness have attained higher staff retention rates and lower turnover as a result of a healthy and happy staff members, which all translates into the work environment. With a healthy and active lifestyle high on the agenda, you'll be sure to attract the best talent and increase loyalty. 

What Can Fit Employees Do For You?

 Fit employees are less likely to get sick. A person who is physically fit is generally more resistant to the "bug going around" than a person who is not fit. Reduced absenteeism and reduced healthcare expenditures are the result of a fit employee base. Fit employees have More Energy. One of the many benefits of regular exercise is increased and sustained energy throughout the day. This energy allows the employee to stay focused on the task at handing, bringing the best of themselves to each task. A healthy workforce is a More Productive workforce. Fit employees have more Self-Confidence. This translates into higher levels of achievement in the workplace. An employee with the proven ability to set goals and realize them is a valuable asset to any organization. Fit employees tend to have Better Attitudes. Fit employees generally "Feel Good". They tend to have a physical and mental balance that results in a more Positive Attitude in the workplace. Fit employees are  Less Stressed. Regular exercise releases the physical and emotional tensions that life brings our way. Thus, fit employees tend to have lower overall stress levels than an employee compared to ones who do not engage in regular exercise. Fit employees can also lose weight, lower cholesterol, blood pressure, and sleep better. Sometimes, all you need is a little motivation to get the ball rolling and a workplace wellness plan might be it. Fitness in the workplace presents an excellent team-building opportunity.

Risks Highlighted

 Doing Things Right!

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

59% of employees do not get adequate exercise

50% or more of employees have high cholesterol

27% of employees have cardiovascular disease

26% of employees are overweight by 20% or more

24% of employees have high blood pressure

Exercise Can Reduce Absenteeism By 23.5%

&  Staff Turnover By 16 %
          Conventional workplace wellness programs don't always succeed, usually because their strategy does not go far beyond funding. They fail to realize that programs need active professionals to contently design and implement initiatives to keep people interested. To ensure overall effectiveness, we aim to achieve key indicators of success, that keep us on the path to success. We also measure and track bio-metric indicators of health to have a quantifiable assessment of the overall impact on our clients health.

 What are the benefits? 

New research finds that busy professionals who exercise during the day feel more productive. People who took part in exercise programs usually went home feeling more satisfied with their day," says study author Jim McKenna, a professor of physical activity and health at Leeds Metropolitan University in the U.K. These people are also less likely to spout off at colleagues and slam down the phone after they've worked up a sweat. 60% of workers reported that their time management skills, mental performance and ability to meet deadlines improved on days when they exercised. According to the findings presented by the American College of Sports Medicine overall performance boost increased by approximately 15 percent.
  It is important to realize that work-place health promotion should be viewed as an investment in a business’ most important asset, its employees. Changing our behaviour is ultimately up to each of us as individuals. However, employers have a tremendous opportunity to help their employees see the value of adopting healthier behaviours so that they can live healthier lives. By providing workers with the opportunity to take part of body by design's onsite fitness classes and nutrition workshops, you will improve the overall well-being of your staff and their overall job satisfaction. The welfare of employees has a direct impact on the success of the company. 
What We offer

Lunch Hour Bootcamp Classes

Measureing Program Effectiveness

Health Assessments

Nutrition Workshops

2.  Participant Satisfaction

1.  Participation

In order for the program to succeed, most staff members should be encouraged to take part. Our duty and moral obligation is to encourage our staff to make a comfortable and easy transition. the program therefore must be accessible and designed to meet various needs.

 The success of the program is highly dependent on  participants feeling  empowered and rewarded when taking part.  Staff should have fun participating and feel rewarded by doing so. Our classes and seminars regard this principle highly and strive to ensure its fruition.  

3.    Program Adherence  

4.   Health Status Change

Due to a lack of follow-up and positive publicity, Often, participants lose interest in wellness programs. That result is mainly attributed to taking on a passive approach to wellness. That is, by giving staff money to join a gym or by building an onsite wellness facility. However, what's not taken into account is that many people find them intimidating , uninviting and threatening. Some people may even lack the proper knowledge in equipment use and may eventually injury themselves.  Avoiding this mistake can save your business money and time. By taking on a  interactive approach to health is the way to go, through the use of professionals who are actively and continually involved. They would be there to constantly  motivate and educate staff so they can achieve their goal.  That way, participants stick to the program and continue putting in effort together, as a team.

Ultimately, if all three indicators are met, staff members will be sure to notice results. Improvement of bio-metric measures that indicate better overall employee health are measured and tracked to quantitatively identify the extent of improvement.  As a result, a decrease in risk factors for health status is achieved.